What do you advice me?

I drunk texted my casual buddy and I went out of control, like literally was outside his apartment and he just told me to leave, he wasn’t there but I know he didn’t want to get there and see me. Should I apologize or leave it like that?


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  • Just tell him that you were drunk and apologise. If he doesn't forgive you for it then that's his problem and not yours. Leaving it shows that you don't care and may or may not damage your relationship with him in the future.

    • even if he doesn’t respond? I already sent my apology but I think I already look like a crazy in his eyes

    • If he isn't going to forgive you for an honest mistake then why would you want to associate yourself with him? He should at least hear your plea before passing judgement to show that he cares about you even slightly.

    • I annoyed him, I mean he was exchanging texts with me up until I became too erratic for him, the thing is, I was on a date with a guy at the bar he plays, but he flirts with other ladies and he’s always made it clear we’re just fuck buddies, he supposedly left and I was texting him, the date took me to my car and there he was, in his car so I texted him you lied to me you’re still here, he said I didn’t lie I told you I wanted to go to sleep not that I was leaving. This is too complicated

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