Girls, how would you feel if your boyfriend has clinical anxiety or depression but never told you or anyone else about it out of shame?

I'm not clinically depressed (at least I'm not sure if I have it or not until I meet with my Psychiatrist in a few more days to see if she can diagnose something in me) but I occasionally get a few anxiety attacks (worrying about work, college, and being around certain people) that I bottle up or let a little bit of out out at home by walking it off inside my house. There are times where my anxiety attacks can turn into anger, frustration, and social isolation. I often always keep everything to myself either out of shame or to avoid giving other people problems.

Often times, I always go to my boxing gym to train, get in-shape, and fight competitively in the amateurs as one of my outlets for all of this.

Does this sound like a turn off to you ladies?
  • I would do everything I can to let him know that I'll always be here for him to open up to.
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  • I would not be so happy about this and feel that this would add more weight on my shoulders.
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What Girls Said 2

  • I already have to deal with that myself, so I'd be worried

  • Hey I am a girl. I have exactly the same thing as you. I experience problems of anger and I like to stay alone for days. My boyfriend knows everything. Sometimes he puts pressure on me to tell him. I surely tell him not so fancy stuff to hear. He still loves me , he is probably in love with me. I really sure that a girl would love to meet the real real you even she has to paint her hands a little bit black. Dont worry everyone has problems. Sometimes we think that people really focus on us and to the things that scare us but most of the times they have different insecurities and fears. She will not mind taking care of yours. Wish you calm & joyfull moments.


What Guys Said 1

  • I'd feel pretty betrayed.


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