Am I just destined to be alone forever?

I'm 24, I've had 1 boyfriend that lasted less than a year. he treated me horrible but I didn't realize that until way after. he was so embarrassed by me he wouldn't even hold my hand in public. 2 days after he broke up with me he had a new girl. he had no problem holding her hand and kissing her. he raped me for 2 months straight. but I was so naive he told me it was normal. I just believed it. he never took me on one date. finally 4 years my friends put me on tinder i met one guy where we hung out he forced me to suck him then found out he had a girlfriend and never talked to me again. I met another guy. he forced me to have sex too after months of us talking to never talk to me again. met another guy on there. we snapped a lot. never went a day without talking now its been so long and he doesn't open my messages. I met a really nice guy on tinder. he was perfect to me and meant everything he always had a way to make me so happy. he knew I liked him... then told me just last week he met a girl and is dating her now. I'm so broken up about it... like how he would lead me on just to find someone else. I dont get why I'm always everyones last choice.. never a first choice. I was always bullied and super insecure. im really shy and dont have many friends. so it's hard to meet anyone in person. my friends who put me on tinder met there bfs of 3 years that way. why can't something like that happen for me. I'm losing so much hope. I told that guy why would he go and hurt me after he knew all I've been through and why he couldnt just choose me over her. he just told me he likes her a lot. aka doesn't like me. why would he even talk about cuddling and kissing me if he didn't want me. he knows I've never been cuddled with and it meant everything he wanted to. Why am I just never good enough
I also found out with the ex he asked out every girl in his class, my two best friends. the only reason he asked me out was bc he had no one else to ask so he just kinda settled for me. he was always taking my best friends on dates but never me.


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What Guys Said 2

  • U need to keep ur head up.. I got good solid answer s for ur thoughts.. cuz u a very special n worth a lot more then those kids or those guys that need to grow up..

  • Umm your giving of lot's of red flags. Maybe get you head straight before worrying about dating.


What Girls Said 1

  • Stop being a doormat and take control of your life.
    First of all, you should not consent to any sexual interactions if you are not comfortable with the idea. If someone forces you to do anything against your will, then go to the effing police and report them!
    Second, stop letting your friends decide for you. Tinder and alike are only good for hookups with strange people. Finding a boyfriend on there is quite rare. Your friend got lucky. Doesn't mean you will too!
    You need to stop pitying yourself. You will meet someone eventually. Not everyone needs to be in a relationship starting at the age of 10!
    You know what, i never had a real boyfriend until my late 20s. All my other girl friends did. They kept badgering me to find a boyfriend. I just ignored them. Now, 3 of them are divorced, one of them is almost 40 and dumped her boyfriend because he didn't want to get married after 10 years of being in a relationship and another one is in an off again on again relationship with this guy she's been dating since she was 22, who cheats on her regularly and dumps her but keeps coming back and she forgives him because she so badly is hung up on him.
    Obviously, I'm better off than my friends who spent all their 20s in a relationship.
    Don't rush this. In the meantime enjoy being young. Find yourself a few good friends. Take up a hobby. Join the gym. Learn a different language. Go to a few classes. Start traveling.
    All these things are a lot more difficult to do when you have a partner. Don't sit around sobbing about being single.
    Being single is a good thing. Enjoy the free time. Pamper yourself!


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