Why is it that every time I try to date it always ends up being someone who just needs someone to be there for them in their life? (explained below)?

I’d like to say I’m a nice guy and everything but I don’t want to seem like a narcissist... So I’ve dated a handful of women in my life but it always seems like the people I try to date seem to have so many problems that I can’t really fix and to me it feels like people just date me to get their mind off things and it bothers me... For example I dated one girl who had no one in life to talk to she was adopted to a single mother and never got along with her and so it seemed like she just wanted me in her life to occupy it rather then she liked me. Another had some family issues as well as unhealthy drinking/smoking habits and it just saddens me even more cause that’s stuff I can’t control. Another girl had a bad cheating problem she had sent nudes to other men while we dated and told me about it after I decided to break up with her and proceeded to tell me how terrible I was when all I wanted was to love her and receive the same affection back. I like to help people and when I can’t it makes me feel bad cause they are always sad and I just can’t help them and I never felt like I was helping any of them even if they said I was... So why is it that all these people are attracted to me and I understand that no one is perfect and no one will just not have problems but most of these people are just so depressed it makes me so sad to see them like this and just adds to my stress and worriedness... I don’t even know what to do


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  • Dont be the nice guy. i learned that the hard way. it only gets you friend zoned


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