Am I Overreacting?

Long story short I was dating this guy for a couple of month and we broke up I had some personal issues I wanted to sort out and I didn't want to be a burden to him. Anyway during that time I told him we can hang out as friends but we shouldn't sleep together either way we did. I told him I had no issue with him dating other people I just want to know so I'm not sleeping with him whilst he is looking for someone else. I told one of my friend we were sleeping together and she told me he was on this dating website she was using.
I didn't directly confront him as I didn't see it as my business, but I did try and make a joke about him being on all sort of dating websites now he's single. He told me no he wanted to wait for me. I don't care that he was on a dating website I mean we split up that's not my business but he's been hinting at getting back together and I'm not sure I can trust someone who'd easily lie to me.
I honestly want or know if you think I'm just over reacting?


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  • It still looks like you don't consider him your guy, so why don't you just tell him that and break up completely with blocking each other and forgetting everything as a bad dream?

  • You can’t trust him and you’re stupid for thinking you can be friends


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