What do you do when you start to fall in love with your best friend?

So I met this girl in my university lecture about 2 years ago. We were basically "study friends" for the duration of the class and never really did anything outside of class together (altho we got along well, we didn't do anything other than study together in our free time) so after the course ended, we lost contact. Then I found her again a year later in another one of my classes, and we ediately hit it off. I was going through a tough time with a rejection from another girl I really liked at the time (a year ago now) and she was there for me. Since then, we've gotten really close throughout the year, and we even took the same classes this year, and we spend like all our time together... because of that, I think im falling in love with her but she's in a long term relationship already (over a year and a half). I know she's not interested in me at all, and only see's me like a brother, so - I guess my question is, how do I move on from her? I can't just avoid seeing her because we have a lot of classes together, and she's one of my closest friends now - I even stopped hanging out with other people to spend time with her. any suggestions would really help!


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  • I told him, we were born hour's apart and now we are dating and just had a baby together.

    If she is dating someone i would move on , dont want to be the reason she dumps him and then you don't end up working out


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  • 1) Don't get pissed off after a rejection. Strain your iron balls to keep doing your study/business/career
    2) The girls' long term whatever relationship should not bother you. Ask her out. Be ready to kick the balls of her boyfriend or be beaten (if u're unlucky)
    3) If you're so indecisive, just stop meeting her. As she hopes you got some balls, just break her hopes right away, don't waste her time.

  • Your best bet is to see the other friends instead of her

    Do your best to avoid going with her places. And then when she asks why you're being so distant with her lately, because you know she will, thats when you tell her about your feelings for her. Tell her you know she's in a relationship and thats why you dont want to be around her cause you caught feelings for her

    there's a pretty good chance she's gonna stop being your friend after you say that but hey, at least you know for sure if she likes you or not. But there is a slight chance you can still get her since you guys hang out so much

    But dont expect it to work out.

    If you really want to move on thats your best bet

    • thanks man... i think i knew that deep down but i needed to hear it. I don't think im ready to just cut her of just yet tbh... like the feeling of not being 'with her' isn't bad enough to outweigh the positives of hanging out with her yet, but i know its gonna get there eventually - I've been there before haha.

    • Keep in mind the longer you wait the harder itll be to stop talking and hanging out with her when you do decide to do it

      Just something to be aware about

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