Do Hispanic women like black men?

There's a Gil I like in my English class, I see her looking over, but not as much. It hard for me to strike a conversation because she sits away from me, and she's like one of 4th e quietiest people in the class. How can I make her know I like her, and strike a conversation with her? What can I say?
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  • if you ever get a chance to see her outside of class, or on campus before or after lectures just ask her English related class questions to strike a conversation with her something like.
    "hey I was wonder what your topic is for?" or "what do you think about our next assignment? "
    then proceed with a compliment
    "you have a nice smile" or something along those lines.

    • Do they like black guys or only white guys?

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    • They a very popular actors !! Daniel Kaluuya, was in the movie "Get out" and "Black Panther", and in the episode a million merits on black mirror. He is an amazing actor, and very good looking I might add

    • Why do Latinas judge black men, but not white men ever?

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  • If you are extremely handsome and very good looking man , and if i were very interested in you, yes definitely. .

    • What? Are most black men ugly?

    • I don't feel like you would say that about white men. " if you are extremely handsome "

    • Hey... hey... i never said anything you are saying. I meet lots of man out there, let me tell you, i met a a guy who is beautiful yesterday, he is black and from Jamaica, i was the one who i introduce myself to him bc he looked so sweet and he wasn't all that but his personality caught my full attention. There was other guys who were handsome who were white, but they didn't made a good impression on me, only morise did and i only had a few minutes of a conversation with him. I love man yes attractive works, but not always, its the personality and how they treat me is what i go for... wether you're black white or whatever culture you are from. No one is ugly in my eyes, its how god made you and that person has to accept who they are, and i accept them; even me, i am not all that at all, and i really couldn't care if no one bothers with me bc i am ugly, and i am not kidding about it either.

  • I don’t judge a man by his race, I judge men by there actions. I think you are overthinking based on your race. Why not just ask her out or for group study or some of y’all have a class together and see how that goes.

  • Stop trying to get your dick wet and get an education, how bow dah?


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