Girl I like deleted me on Snapchat and Facebook randomly? Why?

So I met this girl on bumble that goes to the same university as me, we met up and really hit it off. After we met up we’ve been texting each other all weekend, she went home for the weekend and so did I. One day she would text me first, the next I would text her first and it would rotate. Anyway it’s a Saturday night and she was saying she does like to get drunk on weekends sometimes, I go on Snapchat and she deleted me as well as on Facebook. I just don’t understand we were getting along well, we were making each other laugh. I just don’t get it. I’m really heartbroken. I was even planning on taking her to a corn maze which she really wanted to go to. Why did this happen?


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  • Maybe she felt things were moving too fast and you guys were texting/talking too much. Give her some space and let her text you and when she does set something up if she cancels or makes up an excuse without offering another day to get together then move on


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