Girls that don't put out won't get the guy?

I have a low-key, fun-loving personality and am decent-looking. I feel like guys tend to find me attractive and express interest in dating me-- right up until they find out that I don't want to have sex until marriage. Not a religious thing-- I just don't want to share that much of myself with someone who'll be gone two months from now.

Is this why I seem to have so much trouble keeping someone? Because I've noticed that most girls I know that don't put out are single (most of these are attractive, stable girls with a job) where as the ones that do can easily nab a boyfriend.


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  • You not want sex till marriage is 100% the problem

    Not everyone is sexually compatible, what if you get married and the guy you marry doesn't satisfy you or what if you dont satisfy him. Now one of y'all either gonna cheat or get divorced.

    I dont blame them for leaving

    • Thanks for being honest. I don't understand why you just can't work on it when you're married. No one is sexually compatible their first time, but as long as someone is down to try new things (which I am), what's the big deal?

    • What if his dick is too small and you can't feel shit

    • What if he's into anal or got some weird ass fetish

      You see what im saying none of these sexual desires will come out until you guys are married

  • It seems true but then you will not find a stable person who is really willing to marry you. So don't fall to temptation


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