Boyfriend called me "needy" for doing this on my birthday... Can someone please explain?

Today was my birthday so I went out with my boyfriend of 6 years. I gave him my phone and asked him to take a snap of me mini golfing. He scoffed and said "wow you're so needy all the time!" like what? and when I asked how that made me needy he just said never mind. It was so random! I rarely post things online to begin with, and this was the first time I've literally EVER asked him to take a pic of me for something.
He's been calling me needy a lot for random things recently and I'm getting really tired of hearing it. Especially since I don't rely on him for shit, except for rides home when it gets super late at night and the buses stop going so there is no way for me to get home.
Can someone please explain how this situation could make me needy? I don't know if it is justified or if I am missing something here.


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  • Whoa!
    Firstly, happy birthday!
    And then I think you need some serious talk with that guy. It's not at all justified to call someone "needy" with no reason at all and that too on their birthday. There got to be something.
    I hope it's just some stupid misunderstanding and everything gets back to normal.


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  • It's not that that spesific situation makes you needy. A person becomes needy when things pile up. But because I'm unable to hear his side of the story, I can't say much. No offense to you, but you might do things he finds needy, while you don't think the same way. It clearly seems some behaviour is really bothering him, so it'd be best to have a conversation about it. Find out what behavior he sees as needy, then have a think if you really are being needy or if he is overreacting instead.


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  • He's an idiot. Especially for saying that on your birthday


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