Why did he talk so much on the first date?

I just got back a few hours ago from a first date. He was cute and seemed like a pretty nice person, but he literally wouldn't stop talking! I feel so mean saying that but he just wouldn't let me get a word in! I mean he asked me a lot of questions about me too but when I would give an answer he would imediately cut back in to comment or something. He seems like a nice person tho so I'm confused. He also talked super super fast, but when his friend said hi on our date he talked way more normally. Why was he like this? Will he be like this on the second date? I feel like I should give him a chance because he did seem nice but I'm worried about this issue.


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  • Sounds like he was just nervous. It happens. Hopefully he'll chill out a bit as he gets used to you.


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