Guys is it normal to do this in a relationship?

Okay when ur dating some one and you say you love them but yet do these things
Is this normal or am i dumb and getting played
# 1 when i come to him with somthing he is doing that bothers me he atuomatly starts a fight and tries to point the finger at me some how #2 he is all ways in a bad mood around me now and i literly can't do anything with out him telling me im being anoying even if im cleaning hos room #2 he calls me names all the time like cunt , whore , bitch , snowflake, stupied makes fun of me all the time #3 i he does not show any affection to me at all nothing no kissing no nothing. #4 all ways asks for me to do things for him (witch i dont mind ) but he will never do things for me at all and then says how im not a nice person and he all ways points out my flaws and nothing i do do for him even thoe he never returns the favor. He never sends me texts at all when we do talk on the phone he has nothing to talk about and never asks me about my day and i can't ask him becuse he gets mad at me saying im trying to acuse him of stuff if i ask how his day went... honstly i feel so alone and sad and let down all the time and if i ask him to treat me better or lets act like a couple u know do coplues things. Of couse that starts a fight.
O not to metion he said he deleted his fb acount and then like a week later he said he delted his messnger aome time went on and i ask if u deleted your messanger then how come i still she ur pic in are old messages and if i click on his messages it says u can't reply to this convo so my friend tells me he still on fb. Sure enfoe he is he had blocked me on fb. For what resion would your boyfriend block u on fb and lie to you about it hummmmm realy like wtf
O and he never apologizes for anything or trys to make me happy after hurting me.


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  • He doesn’t love you at all. Why are you with him?


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm not even going to continue reading because the first few lines show perfectly how he doesn't love you.
    It's just words in the air and he's just manipulating you. Please break up with this person


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