Do you think that my cousin is more popular among guys than me because of her last name?

My father is indian and mom is white and her dad is white and mom is indian according to me men love her she is super popular among guys not only in real life she is also more popular than me online. one guy even told me that he won't date me because he can't pronounce my last name and he always hit on her.
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If my dad was white i would have been super popular among guys


Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't see why she'd be more popular online where no one knows her name. There must be some other explanation. At any rate, it's probably not as important as it seems.

    • Maybe because she don't have indian last name unlike me believe me she get way more match than me.

Most Helpful Girl

  • "according to me" so you've got fuck all evidence aside from your own jealousy. Oh my fucking god, intelligence has died.

    • I am not jealous anyone with Brain can see that guy's like her more because she don't have indian surname

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    • Why do you think that she is more intelligent even though you don't have met her?

    • Because you seem like bottom of the battle stupid if u think a surname determine popularity

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What Guys Said 3

  • The truth that we want to see is the truth that counts. Actually: is your friend MORE popular, or are YOU just unpopular?

    • She is my cousin and according to me guys like her more because her dad is white and she dont have indian surname

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    • Just prove to be an individual, then. That's when things get settled.

    • Very true anyway all indian are not same i have many 100% and half indian friend and cousin and believe me all are different

  • So what to names have to do with it, where we have people who can't read right and have poor grammar due to online talking

  • One of the dumbest things things I have heard

    • Why guys love her? According to me they like her because of her last name

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    • According to me i look better

    • But no one care a what u think about as attravness has nothing to do with what u think

What Girls Said 1

  • women and jealousy= better love story than twilight


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