Should I message him while he’s on a holiday (vacation)?

I’ve been on 3 dates with him, and he kissed me on the third date. Don’t know how important that will be, but just putting it out there anyway.

I’ve already messaged him, but it made sense because I referenced to photos he posted on Facebook. But the conversation was short, and about how exhausting his second day was, he and his dad planned a lot of stuff for each day. Also his last message was a wink emoji, so I’m worried I’ll seem random and clingy. But I miss him, and want to see how he is.


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  • Messages and phone calls are for "appointments". Dates. Just say that you can't wait to go out with him again and leave it. DOnt message him again after that.

  • Just message him every couple days

  • Nah just wait for him to get back then you can talk to him all about it.


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