Why would he think it’ll be awkward now?

My boyfriend and i have been together for about 4 months. When i met him he was kind of seeing someone but trying to be with her wasn’t working.. he left her... pursued me... and we’ve been together ever since. In the beginning of our relationship i had a problem with this particular girl because they were telling each other they missed one another. I eventually talked to him about that/got over it moved on and here we are.
I work with a mutual friend of hers and she asked me “are you and your boyfriend going to her housewarming?” And i responded “no why would we go?” And she said “well i assumed you were tagging along with your boyfriend because he asked me was i going because he said he was going too” So apparently My boyfriend is going but he hasn’t mentioned it to me nor has he asked me would i like to go. So, i brought it up to him and his response was “well she verbally invited me.
I asked her the details because she didn’t give me a proper invitation he told me he asked her when she was having it and what day etc... I’m not staying but i will go” and then he said “well it’ll be awkward if i go now” and i said “well you shouldn’t even have entertained her invitation like asking her the details


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  • Because he assumes you're not okay with it (since you aren't) and it'll be awkward if he goes with you knowing about where he went


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