When’s the best time to talk to a girl after a first date?

So I had a first date with this girl last night, and it went pretty well in my opinion. We’ve been snapchating and texting everyday like all day for a couple weeks, do I just continue that? Or do I wait a day? I’ve never talked to a girl THIS much, so I don't know


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What Girls Said 1

  • No don’t wait a day but don’t appear thirsty either. Text her and tell her you had a great time. Don’t leave her wondering. If she concurs, ask if she would like to go out again sometime. If she’s up for it, then you wait a day or two before proposing another date plan. You want to appear confident but not thirsty. Does that make sense?

    • Yeah it does, we’ve already started talking again but not about last night. She just said ‘thank you’ to me last night, but I have inside info with her friends and she said she had ‘a ton of fun’ , should I bring up last night? Or no?

    • Yes. Definitely tell her how much you enjoyed the date.

What Guys Said 1

  • Keep doing what you are doing. On Monday, ask her for a date next weekend.

    • Should I talk to her today?

    • If you have been talking to her every day, she will wonder what's wrong if you don't call her.

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