Did I mess it up?

So I went on my first date with this girl last night, and I thought it was going great until the end. It was the longest first date ever to start off with, (5 hours), but I didn’t mind I was having fun listening to her stories all night. So I drive her home and walk her to the door and we kept talking, and talking for maybe like 40 minutes. She kept look looking at me, but long story short I have a face injury so kissing isn’t an option for a couple weeks and she knows that.

I couldn’t figure out what to do so I kept the convo going a couple times, until she eventually said ‘thank you’ and she hugged me. Did I mess it up?


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  • how can you drive under 18 ?

    • Don’t worry about that but I’m 17 so I can’t drive, but please answer my question

    • Woops mean can drive

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