Would you date the world second smartest man?

Would you date the world second smartest man?
A man with a claim to being the second-most intelligent person on the planet has revealed that he takes a mixture of 38 drugs and pills every day in a bid to stay in top mental and physical form.

Rick Rosner, 54, boasts an IQ of 192, which has seemingly only been topped by a Greek doctor, Evangelos Katsioulis, according to the world genius directory.

But despite his apparent intellectual capacity, Rosner lists himself as unemployed while he works on writing a book entitled Dumbass Genius.

The former TV writer and bouncer instead spends his time developing theories, working on a book, and visiting some five gyms per day, aided by cocktail of medical supplements.
Would you date the world second smartest man?
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  • he's brilliant but a high iq doesn't come for free. Id totally be friends with him though if I could follow him at all.


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