Is he just being a "bro" when drunk?

Recently, a couple friends (5 girls and 1 guy) and I went to a karaoke place. My crush came to join in a little after spending some time drinking with his friends at a bar and sat near me. He and I are pretty good friends who share a bond over sports (though different favorites), anime, and video games. We generally talk and text each other a lot more when we're alone than in a group setting. He got a small bottle of alcohol to share with everyone. We drank a pretty small amount each, but as the night progressed, he was still acting pretty sane and collected. Though he got more affectionate later on in the evening with me and no one else nearly as much. He kept feeding me snacks and asked me to feed him. He kept asking for my opinions on his dancing abilities and recommendations for a new hairstyle, really urging me to have an opinion and wanting me to say that he was the better dancer. We play fought a bit too in trying to tickle each other. When I went behind him to get the attention of my friend for a song selection, he leaned back to squish me against the wall. He put his head on my shoulder for some time since he was getting tired. When we got closer to the end, he played with my hair and put his arm around my waist, resting his hand on the outside of my thigh, cuddled and hugged me and rocked me back and forth to the last song. Even after it was over, he didn't really take away his hands until after I moved to start cleaning up. I'm more confused than ever because he has never been that touchy-feely with me or anyone. There were also others there that he didn't pay nearly as much attention to as me. It could just be his drunkenness, and that I feel like I'm in the bro-zone. Even after we got back to the dorms, we had a conversation over text for another hour about hair options (which he was serious about). The next days though, he didn't really mention anything about it since, so I'm left confused. Do you think I'm overthinking and that he sees me as a bro?


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  • i think he got drunk and his inhibitions were down. he likes you. he's too shy off alcohol to tell you, so it's your move.


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