Why is my boyfriend so wishy washy? I feel like he's not bothered at all?

My boyfriend has moved to a different town (not far away). He has been living there a week now and asked me to think about moving up with him so we can get our own place in the next few months so we can see each other all the time then. I said why do you want me to move in with you. He said cos you don't want me to move away so why not move too.

The next day I text him saying was he serious about us moving in together. He said if you want to ya. I asked him does he want to. He sent one word "ya" (very enthusiastic). I was like I didn't think you'd want us to move in cos you didn't mention it before this. And he was like well if you want us to be together why not. (Um?)

Am I overthinking this? It's like he's not bothered. What do you think?


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  • It's not clear if you've got other options. But the guy is serious as the money is involved. So if you want to get together - go live together with him. If you don't - well break up with him and wait for a better one.

    There were many girls who were afraid to change their life / city/ country to live with me. You know, they still live in their home towns going to work by bus. They look like shadows today. While my lady travels the world with me.

    • What do you mean the guy is serious as the money is involved? I don't understand that lol. I do love him a lot but I'm wondering now does he feel the same.

    • If you give him money then it's sick. He is supposed to be a breadwinner

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