He asked me to move in with him?

So this guy and I are kind of friends with benefits ( with feelings) since 3-4 months but we know each other a lot longer. We also know each other quite well, we work together and we get along great. It's not the typical friends with benefits, before we even get down to business we like to talk for hours and we always have a blast, we talk about everything and we laugh so much together. He even said that I'm gorgeous and that I make him crazy ( in a good way.) Last week I was at his place, it was a very romantic evening, we sat on the balcony, drank wine, watched the stars and talked for 4-5 hours straight. Later in the conversation, he suggested that I could move in with him. He showed me around and showed me my "new room." When I asked him why doesn't he ask his other friends he laughed and said no and then jokingly he said he will ask the girl I hate. We both laughed and said wtf, haha. Obviously I would contribute to the rent.
Now I'm seriously considering moving in with him but I'm still not sure. My friends said he would not have asked me if he didn't have some kind of feelings for me.
Are they right? What do you honestly think?


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  • It does sound like he has feelings for you but it's tough to know what his expectations are regarding "relationship" status or whatever. He might think this would be a good way for you guys to continue to develop more of a connection and lead to an actual relationship, or to him it might just be the convenience of sex plus help with rent. Which one do you think is more likely? And are you ok with either one?

  • Sit and talk with him
    That's pretty easy, I guess
    Tell him what you think and also get his views on this
    And take the right decision as moving in is a demanding task


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