She likes me a lot and I have done something she she dislikes. Should I tell her?

I met a girl over the summer and she told me she has feelings for me. I do care a bout her and i have a lot of fun with her but i think she has stronger feelings for me then what i feel about her. I have been more honest with her about my past then i have been to anyone else. I told her i cheated and it didn't affect her opinion of me. Actually she doesn't really have a problem with cheating as long as its not more then sex an no serious feelings involved. There is one thing she really dislikes and thats plagiarism. If someone plagiarize in schools she loose respect for them and actually she just reported a case of plagiarism to a business school. Its her friends finance who plagiarized.
What i have not told her is that i have plagiarized myself. Several times. Should i tell her? Do you think she would loose interest in me? Even after all the good times we had together?


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  • Lol don’t tell her. Sometimes when we really like someone we overlook the bad stuff or give them the benefit of the doubt. If she really likes you she will probably let it slide.


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