Can a guy who is afraid of commitment fall for someone one day?

So I was having a coversation with the guy I like about relationships and he told me that because he's been hurt really bad in past relationships he doesn't feel like doing the whole thing again. He mentioned other things about how some of the girls he dated have taken him for granted but somehow I could sense that he's afraid to open up to someone again and somehow feel "vulnerable" too, so should be patient or give it up?


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  • It doesn't really matter what you do. If he's not ready you won't get him. So leaving him alone is a good option.

    Another good thing is he won't think you were desperate in case you would push on him. So you can push on him and even get him laid without being shamed. Stealthy like a ninja. So no problem, ask him out like "cmon let's go to the cinema" and stuff. He won't

  • He is scared it’s going to happen again, help me with my question


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