How to ask a girl out?

Ok, so I’m going to ask this girl out this week. I’m have it all planned where and when I’m going to ask, the problem is I just dont know what to actually say. Technically this is my first time asking someone out (like this) so I’m very new to this. Should I just ask her “Do you want to go out with me?” Or be more specific? Or something else entirely? Please help! Thanks
To clarify, it would be a CASUAL date. Nothing super fancy or expensive


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  • say something like, i was planning on (having a drink, dinner later). would you like to join me? i'll let you pick the place.

    • teenagers don't say that

    • let me clarify. you want to ask her in a way that sounds like you're already doing this. she can tagalong if she wants. "i'm checking out this new place". if she says no, just say another time then.

  • First you need to know if she actually likes you so you don't embarrass yourself


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