How to not be needy or sensitive?

So the other day the guy I’ve been talking to told me I was too sensitive and needy. The only problem is I do not think I am. My life has gotten more busy lately and I was trying to prove to him I had time for him, that he was also a priority which I guess could be seen as needy. But every time we make plans he canncles. And only after the second cancellation do I express my disappointment which I guess could be seen as sensitive. What I want to know is what did he mean exactly by saying that I am too sensitive and needy and how do I fix or show that I’ve heard what he’s said and show him I am not too needy or sensitive.
I do want to mention that I won’t be changing for him but I do want to show him that I care about what he said. I don’t know if he said it in anger or annoyance all I know is he told me I was needy and sensitive. And if he really does think that I want to be considerate of it. I’m not going to bend over backwards to change myself but I want to be understanding and put some effort into it.


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  • some guys like sensitive girls but over sensitivity is a problem , you dont sound like one , maybe its his problem that he cancels many plans


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  • You are too needy or sensitive FOR HIM. . Doesn't mean every guy will see you that way... Also do YOU think you're too sensitive/needy? Why should YOU have to change your standards for what's acceptable in a relationship to make HIM happy? Maybe he's trying to tell you that you guys are not compatible. Maybe you should find a man that appreciates you and doesn't cancel plans every time.


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