Need guy advice asap?

I was mentally tortured for months by my ex jj, i found out he wasn't on his meds. I begged for months for us to be together. He is my first true love. He has new meds and is doing therapy. I have a current boyfriend named Jude, whom i do not know if I wanna stay with. Yes I am happy, but most things come before me to him. Jj wants me back and has become a better person. No matter what they will both be in my life. I feel myself wanting jj back. But then i feel guilty because im with Jude. Jj won't let me go and will continue to fight. We have been friends for years. I am lost and I do not know if i should go back to jj and let him have a second chance or stay with Jude. Please help.
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  • C. Neither

    This is your best option.


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  • That's always the excuse. "I'm better now".

    That's what he told me after two years of emotional abuse. And when I came back? It was worse than anything I've ever seen. That emotional abuse turned into full on physical. He broke three bones, busted my lip, chipped my tooth, broke my nose, and fucked me up really good. I still remember him forcing me to throw up everytime I ate because of how "fat I was". It was such toxidity, I wasn't myself during that relationship. I pushed everyone away to stay with him because each time he told me that he'd clean up his act. I can't believe I fell for it all the goddamn time.

    Just a life tip, always say no to that specific three-word sentence.


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