Met a guy at a party...Will he call?

I met a guy at a party at a bar last night. He was really cute and hitting on me as well as a few other girls. But we danced and then made out for a while. I gave him my number and got his. But the thing is that we were both drinking and he was flirting with other girls as well.

Is he going to call? Should I expect a text? Should I call him? I really like him and would like to get to know him better, but I have NO IDEA what to do or expect!

It would be nice if both guys and girls could answer :)

We spent a lot of time together at the party (almost three hours). He did tell me to call him, so maybe I just should. Is it better to send a text, or call?


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  • I say 50 / 50 he calls or doesn't call.

    How much time did he spend with you?

    I think you can call him if he doesn't call, since he gave you his number. But wait for him to call first since that's better.

    It's tricky to say how long you should wait. My intuition is that if he were going to call you, it would normally be in less than one week, but with the holidays it might be longer.

    I think it's okay for you to wait say 5 days and then call him if he doesn't call you.


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  • 3 hours is a lot of time but he's lazy if he told you to call him.

    So I think wait a while anyway. At least a few days.

    Calling is better than texting I think, but that's just my opinion.


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  • i would wait a week or two and then maybe call if he hasn't, but honestly

    (depending on if he spent time with the other girls AFTER your 3 hour fling or not)

    he might just be a player putting on the charm to get in your pants.

    • don't get me wrong I don't like to pre-judge but I have many guy friends and have encountered many guys who sound a lot like this.

      if he flirted with other girls after, he's probably a player.

      BUT if he was flirting with the other girls before he flirted with you, then there is a pretty good chance he's a nice guy and would like to get to know you.

      there are always possibilities.

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