Asking a shy guy out?

One day I noticed this cut guy in my class. We are in different groups for our class project. There were times I found him looking at me and I'll smile at him before looking away. The next time I saw him it seemed as if he was avoiding me. Our teacher put the supplies we needed in the back of the class. I was the only one back there when he go up and was headed in my direction but when I looked at him he made this quick turn. I was going to try and ask him to lunch or something on Friday. That day he grab the last glue stick before I could, but he let me have it. When I was done, I asked him where he wanted me to put it (on his desk). He takes it and says thanks, not really responding to my question. I don't know how to talk to him. I'm a shy person as well and been getting mixed signals. I want to be the brave one, but I don't want to be to forward.


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  • Just be straightforward and See what happens


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