Have you ever returned to a girl you rejected or turned away after no contact from her? how long did it take and why did you do it?

It's happened at me at least 3 times so far, where a guy that rejects me or turns away from dating me will come back months or years later with the thoughts of dating and a serious relationship.


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  • I haven`t rejected no one, but she has rejected me and often comes back when she feels like it.

    Why? well, she`s one of those 3rd wave feminists lol.

    Everytime we would talk she would always brag and bring up how men are this how men are that blah blah... and still i kept my composure and not say anything bad or whatever.

    You`d think i would be the one cutting her off with all the crap she`s saying, but she cut her self off lol

    Funny huh.

    And i can tell you that a few months from now, she`ll probably call back and what not... she crazy i tell yah


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  • I was ghosted after a first date. Don’t think she’ll ever try to contact me she has a boyfriend now anyway and it’s been a year since we spoke. I hear guys go back to girls they reject more often than women go back to guys they reject tho


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