I have a crush on a guy and I don't know what to do about it. It's a situation that I've never found myself to be in. What do?

It's only a whole ass situation because he knows that I do harbor those kinds of feelings and we have talked about it. At this point, he's on the rocks about having a relationship but he said he would date me if he got to know me better in that way. I completely understand and I'm actively respecting that, I'm perfectly fine with being friends. He is part of the same friend group as I am, so I see him all of the time. I'm not used to not being laughed at when someone knows that I have a "crush" on them. He's really sweet towards me and I have no idea how to go on from here. I have really bad anxiety with this kind of thing so if anyone has any ideas of what to do, I'd love to hear them.


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  • You go girl, he said he would date you so that’s good one you get to know him more. Just be yourself he knows you like him and he likes you. I think he is just playing hard to get. Be yourself around him. Be nice to him and just do you. I’m kinda goin through this same thing rn where this girl I like I think she knows I like her but I don't know. COULD you also help me with my question


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  • Ask yourself can you be in a relationship or will you get tired of him once the crush goes away.
    If you can't be with him in that way then let him live his life.


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  • Just have fun with him. See if he’d Be interested in hangin our 1 on 1


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