Does he just wants me sexually or really interested in me?

I went on my first date yesterday, we went for a walk and talk then at night we went drinking then our hands will touch and he will touch my hand, caress my arm and put his hand on my hips and he would then kiss me on the cheek.

After that, while going to the train he would hold my hand and on the train he would hug me caress my cheek and kiss my cheek a lot and he would compliment me and saying he wants another date.

Now, I’m not used to these. It felt nice but I’m afraid that he just wants me sexually.


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  • Difficult to say, only you will find out after few dates.


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  • well its to early to say. maybe if he made more moves. The ones he made seem gentle man like still

    • Moves like what?

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    • Thank you for the answer. U are right

    • sure thing @Asker

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