Did my Tinder Match lose Interest?

One of my Tinder matches and I hit it off really fast when he first messaged me. He asked me what I look for in a guy and then gave me his number. He was really interested in me. He texted me the next day saying that he fell asleep and said good morning. Then I didn’t hear back from him till late at night. I told him I wasn’t expecting to be near his area until that night. So I asked if he would like to meet up. But he didn’t reply until later saying he couldn’t because he had plans with his family. And he said sorry that he forgot to reply and that he hopes we could meet up soon. Then he texted me the next morning saying good morning and hope I have a great day. Then I texted at night worried why he hasn’t texted me all day. But he did add me on social media. I asked how his day was, and he just said it was great and that’s it. Has he lost interest?


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