Can a guy just not be good enough to date?

I get rejected then women still mock me that I have never dated


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  • I don't believe the women mocking you part.

    The rejecting part, I can believe. Probably because of this attitude you have.

    Going in thinking you're not good enough is a hard sign people can pick up on just by looking at your body language and sensing your vibe.

    Go in negative and you'll have nothing but negative results.

    If you feel like you're not good enough then you'll never have a chance 'cause no one is gonna swoop on in , pick you up, and save you from your loneliness. You gotta pick yourself up and compete because that's all dating is. Competition between rival males and females to get with mate's. Just like out in the wild, only most of us aren't fighting each other off to bone.

    • If you try and continuously get rejected then your bit good enough

    • Fine.

      Wallow in this.

      Sounds like you have made up your mind.

    • Dude you can’t force it

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  • There is someone for everyone. Who are These women that are mocking you? How are you approaching them and where?

    • Well I have been rejected and mocked

  • There is someone out there that's a fact

    • Nope there is not

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    • Less then 2% out of how many billion people means there are still thousands that it works for

    • Dude it requires social skills to talk to women and even more to date

  • Yeah, it's almost impossible for a guy to get a relationship

    • It's really not

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    • I agree life is not like the movies and it don't work like that it's much much harder and that's why when it works it's so worth it but again if u have given up you are now the only reason it don't work

    • @boggboss I’m 27 I’m too old

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