Was this girl wanting me to take her home?

I met him with this girl and her friend for drinks and she got kind of drunk. Her friend went to the next bar and asked if i would make sure she got into an uber to go home, so I did. I didn't really like this girl cause she was drunk and later on she acted mad that I put her in an uber. Lol I think she was drunk again when I texted her a few weeks later. Lol she responded most guys wouldn't stick men in an uber. The way she responded though made very little sense.
Was she looking for a one night stand?


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  • She might have been but you did the right thing by getting her home as youd promised to look after her.

    Her being weird after is probably just her being a little embarrassed

    • They were both nut cases honestly. I still can't believe her friend basically ditched her and left her there.

    • Yeah I didn't want to come right out and say that, Id say more emotionally volatile and super irresponsible but regardless not something you want to have sex with.

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