If you're afraid of committing, is it possible to find "the one" worth taking the risk for?

I have a bad habit of letting what other people say get into my head.

My dating game is basically nonexistent. I'm just now finding and talking to a guy that I really like. He's showing interest in me as well. Things were going really well, but now I have a friend warning me that this guy is afraid of commitment and that I'm just going to get hurt if I fall for him. I do appreciate her looking out for me, but at the same time it was her who told me he was interested in the first place so I'm annoyed that she started this and is now advising against it.

Anyway, I know you can't answer for HIM, but I'm curious to know if you've ever been afraid of committing to a girl, but then you found "the one" who was worth you talking the risk for.

PS. I'm still talking to him. Only he knows what he's truly feeling for me right now so I'm ok with letting things progress as normal for now.


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  • I think you need to be the judge and not your friend. Obviously as you said she was the one who told you to go for him in the first place. If you are truly unsure, then tread cautiously. Otherwise how will you ever know? by the way, is is strange that she is warning you now, did she find out some info recently?


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