How do you know? am I wrong?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and so he started working with a music artist and everything changed he stop hanging out with me and it was just them ! He didn’t bring her around in the beginning because he felt like he didn’t want me think otherwise about there new friend ship n that it was just music he brought her around finally! Everything was cool I noticed he was super nice to her and I thought it was only because she was a new person n only Wanted to make the best impression on her ! But I told him I was jealous a little because I wasn’t the center of his attention anymore! He would bring her name up n everything that we would be talking about and even told me who she lost her virginity Too ! Which I stayed my cool ! But something wasn’t right ! They would have secret conversations when I was around and he knew where she lived and didn’t need gps and he would be super comfortable walk threw her house as if he came over often.. when she calls he tells her that he will call her back when he’s around me ! I found him in the car talking to her when we would supposed to be hanging out ! He would fight me if I said anything that wasn’t positive and in any argument he would take up for her if me n him was talking ! He told her that i felt jealous... n she told him um tried of y’all breaking up because of me ! When she goes in her house he soon follows n I saw them coming out the same room... He told me his family thought that they were fucking but there not ! I hear about times they hang out with his friends n family n I didn’t know about it ! She meets him at his job sometimes tell me um not going crazy !


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  • Sounds like he is cheating


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