How should I say what I'm looking for on dating apps?

I have a lot of trouble explaining what I'm looking for on OKC and tinder. I basically want to date around until I find a guy or two I get along with and have all those warm fuzzy feelings when you start a new relationship. I don't really care if the relationship only lasts a couple months or lasts years... I just want to warm fuzzies.
I've tried explaining it a million different ways and guys seem to only hear "I want casual sex" or "I want to get married immediately "
Which is definitely not what I want...

Oh and I want to add, I'm not a prude and I'm fine with having sex early on but I really want to convey that I'm not looking for a hookup, friends with benefits, or anything casual.


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  • Hmm, you would probably need a longer conversation to make that clear.
    I try to put that in one sentence.

    I am looking for nice people to hang arround and have with on a regular friendship base , with the option of having sex later too.

  • ''Not looking for anything long term, just looking for tingles. if you have neck tattoos and are a bad boy, hit me up''


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