When a guy doesn't return your calls and texts for a week?

return your calls and texts for a week but responds to your marry Xmas texts

what does that mean?

we dated for 9 months and for a week he has shut me out..and deleted me on fcb..for some reason he won't tell me why..but he responded on one text


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  • I think he decided to cease all communication with you, except for the baseline where it becomes rude.

    Answering a "Merry Xmas" text is not an indication of him trying to communicate with you. I think it just indicates that he is trying not to be rude. Like, if I stranger said "Merry Christmas" to you, you would reply back, wouldn't you? However, this doesn't mean that you want to communicate with that person for the next half an hour. It is just a polite gesture to avoid an awkward and rude silence on your part.

    Conclusion: He's trying to get you out of his life WITHOUT forgetting that he still has humanly manners.

    • he has no reason to be this way

      sunday before he ws so loving and caring all the way to Thursday and than boom

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  • it sounds like he wanted to break up or something I don't know why he would randomly answer one text tho

    • Seems he's a coward. From the informatiin you've given it does sound like he's just not interested in dating you anymore, but he doesn't have the nerve to tell you the truth. He thinks the easiest way to solve the problem is to avoid you. If the only thing he replied back was "Merry Christmas" I would definitely cut ties with him. Break ups aren't fun, but you obviously deserve more than he was ever willing to give.