I want to text him... should i?

started as a summer fling since we were both going away for school. I think I liked him more than he liked me. We had such good times, going to the beach/surfing, going to the movies, out to eat, watch movies at night and cuddle. I moved an hour away for school 1 month before he moved. we tried to make plan to see each other but it never went through. so he went to Oregon and we never really got to say goodbye. the last phone call I had with him was trying to make plan to see him, he said he'd call me back later but that was it. never talked to him again. I texted him when he moved and asked him how the new school was and he never responded...

now that it's the holidays and we're back home, I really want to text him and ask him to hang out... I know it's a dumb idea. should I even do it?


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  • Well, if you like him and want to text him go for it. The worst thing that could happen is he doesn't hit you back. If he doesn't, enjoy what you had and move along. Nothing lasts forever, and there are plenty of fish, etc.


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