Guys how do I know if a guy would kiss me?

I wonder how I can tell if a guy friend would kiss me.

I just want to f*** around and just jump their bones whenever I please.

they come over all the time and we do nothing but talk. sometimes I just want to get on them and make out and mess around. But I don' t want to get rejected. I have way too many guy friends and need to bone one of them. To be very honest. :)


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  • lol so then just test one of them..start it by textin and leading the conversation to be flirty and taking it further..if they go for it then they you should know what will happen if you hang out :)

    • But they like me, I want it to be meaningless sex. If I sleep with thme they might want a relationship. Them I'm screwed.

    • well then that's when you have to be blunt about long as your not playing with there head I don't see the sure if they like you they won't say no to sex...if your trying not to hurt anyones feelings here then you need 2 be straight about what you want...if they ask u...good luck :)