How can I win back my long time flame in the age of Facebook?

A woman I have 12 years of history of proven sexual attraction and dating with has been found "in a relationship" for a couple months with a guy. I have taken her from others before. How does one do this in the age of Facebook?

More Detail.

Ex Girlfriend I was on and off with for 6 years, in a LDR with for 3 years, and have been broken up with for 3 years was found on facebook just last month. She had just entered "a relationship" with another man.

I wished her well and thought the feeling in my chest was just heartburn. It wasn't. I'm still mad for her. I am certain she is very interested in a relationship with me.

I messaged a family member of hers who blocked me...

The ex then wrote a profession of affection for a wonderful man in her life, not mentioning anyone by name. I can't help but think it is targeted at me. It mentions growing old together and we have done just that already. We have gone from teenagers to early 30's together. It mentions things that make total sense if she's referring to me. i.e. a soul mate and best friend ... if it's about him that's a huge leap to make in 2-3 month's.

Finally if she was definitely not interested she could just block me and that would be that. Anything else would be cruel, childish, and stupid which I know she is not.

The question I have is How can I steal her from this guy? The last times what worked was just showing up on her doorstep... That feels kinda odd now ... with Facebook involved.

Before if she told some other guy to get lost it would just hurt him and few would know about it... now a huge number of people would potentially know. Plus the guy's somewhat FB popular (Though from what I can tell IRL he would rank lower than me overall.)

Is it conceivable that I could just show up/show real concrete interest in a relationship and she would be as willing to dump that looser as she was with other people int he past?

How does one steal a woman from her "in a relationship" /boyfriend in the age of facebook?


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  • Get her number and call/text her


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