Would you date someone who has cut themselves (in the past)?

I cut myself for a long time when I was a teenager. I spent a lot of time in treatment working through my issues and I am still on medication. I have scars mainly on my upper arms and legs. I am a generally honest person and I like to be upfront about things. I am comfortable talking to people about my history and my scars. I am worried that talking about it or telling someone I am dating about my scars will freak them out and drive them away. Would you ever date someone knowing they have a history of self harm?


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  • That would not be a deal breaker for me. Everyone has some kind of mental issue. The thing is most people's issues aren't serious enough to get them into treatment. Most people never face their demons. You have. It took courage and it takes courage to be honest about that with a man. Any man for whom that is a deal breaker is not worth crying about.


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  • it wouldn't bother me. but I would be surprise. But the good thing is that I can build my trust and relationship with that person by talking about some of the troubles she went through and helping her out in w.e way.

    so yeah, it's more of a good thing if you ask me.

    if your willing to tell your significant other about it, it means you trust him. if he helps you out with it or makes you look back and laugh @ it, then your pretty much set. You pretty much have a physical gauge to measure your relationship with someone.

  • Of course.

    Everyone has a secret. Mine are pretty terrible. But as you said I worked it out. Life is about working things out and learning.

    In fact I probably would not WANT to date someone who DIDN'T have some kind of hard past because they wouldn't be able to understand me.

  • If I was attracted to her, liked her personality, and enjoyed being with her then it wouldn't matter. Everyone has problems in their past that they had to get through. The past is the past and shouldn't be held over anyone's head. I also wouldn't mind dating someone that did this because I would feel like I have a chance to help her through her issues and make a difference in her life.


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