Dating a girl who parties?

Do guys really not want to date a girl who parties?

Is it really a major turn off?

what about smoking? does it really turn guys off that bad?


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  • Girls who get drunk is a turn off. I don't mind if my girlfriend parties but if she gets drunk then whatever she does while she is drunk is her responsibility. For example, if she hooks up with someone that she wouldn't of done when sober. I personally can't stand when people use "I was drunk" as an excuse. If your responsible, than I don't think being a party girl is a problem.

    When I go to party and see girls acting stupid and retarded. That is a huge turn off, I would not date or ask out any of those girls.

    • what if it is the girl at the party that isn't acting trashy and irrisponsible and she is just there with friends havin fun

    • Girls that are smiling having fun are always cute. I am talking about the girls that can't talk without words being slurred, or stand up straight. If your going to a party to have fun than that's cool. If your going to a party to get drunk, that's not.

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  • I would date a party girl. Actually they're the type of girl I tend to be most attracted to. I guess it all depends on the guy and his values, emotions, insecurities and preferences. But no, being a party girl will not prevent you from ever dating a man.

  • i wouldn't say its a turn off cause there's nothing wrong with it cause girls who party are fun. But.. id say that as far as dating goes its very intimidating. A girl who parties a lot is likely to be around a lot of guys and most guys wouldn't like that especially the jealous types. Just my thought.

    • so, you don't think it stops people from wanting a relationship with them?

    • it could probably slow things from happening a bit but I don't think it would just completely stop it.

      I can't speak for all guys but for me smoking is a very big turnoff though.

  • yeah its a turn off.


    because stereotypically speaking, girls that parties a lot are only for quick 1-2 month relationships

    unless a guy just wants someone to talk to for a short while then I guess not.

    but I've turned down a girl because she parties a lot. she was a nice person but I didn't think she would hold on to a serious relationship and I'm nothing more than a hook up.

    • well what if she seems like a girl who could hold down a serious relationship but the only issue is the partying

    • then I would totally go out with her.

  • As long as she doesn't let the partying get in the way of the important aspects of life. Basically as long as she still has her priorities in line (which is what she would probably expect from me). If its Friday night and you have nothing going on this weekend then by all means go out and party. Just don't do stupid sh*t and get blackout drunk or drive.

    I am not a smoker and I wouldn't like it if she smoked but it isn't a deal breaker.

  • no really but girls who smoke do

  • it depends, because some girls just to party just get a guys attention which is complete turnoff

  • I love party girls. They're often easy to talk to, laugh easily and seem more willing to have sex.

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    • My ex girlfriends friend had sex with a guy that she regretted the next day. Girls that do that are just disgusting. Also the guy that had sex with her is a f***ing loser. The only time he will be having sex is with girls that can't see straight. I don't understand guys that can take advantage of drunk girls.

    • okay not all party girls have sex with a bunch of guys. I'm talkin about going to the party drinkin havin fun with your girlfriends and either sleeping by the girls you came with or havin someone drive you home.

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