Complete confusion, am I a rebound?

This guy I have been seeing for about a month or so admitted to me last night that he is not 100% sure he is over his ex. He has to figure out for himself, but he still wants to be with me. He and his ex dated for 5 years, and have known each other for about 9 years... I don't know who broke it off, or why. I am not sure how long exactly they have been broken up. They work together so they see each other everyday.

Deep down my gut is saying he is not really over her, but he likes me a lot. He talks to me all day every day, he never mentions his ex, tells me I am pretty, beautiful, and amazing, has my stuff all over his house, and says he sees and forgets I am not there, and looks for me, or wonders where I am.

I am just not sure as to what I should do. I really like him, but I don't want to compete with her. Even though he says he is not sure he is over her, at the same time he acts like he is.

Can someone please advise me!


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  • Well I'll tell you my take on this. He might not be fully over his ex but it really doesn't matter. If he likes you and you like him and you guys are having a great time just go with the flow and see where it'll lead you.

    My last relationship was just like that. I broke up with a girlfriend that I was with for a long time and took it really bad. Soon after that I met a really nice girl that I also liked and she was interested in me also. So we started just hanging out and after a few weeks it got serious. But even after we were together I still wasn't over the other one. I still felt hurt when I saw her and thought "what if, what if". And I think that it's always like that if you're in a relationship with someone you really love. There's always something left behind witch doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. Since I think previous experiences stay with a person and make them better with time.

    I don't know and maybe it's just me but no matter how much I loved a girl there could always be another one that I liked. But I never loved anyone less because of this.

    Anyway I hope it works out for you two and I hope you guys have loads of fun together. :-)


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  • I would continue to date the guy if you really like him, not sure where you are at in your relationship, but I think its only fair to you that he decide whether he is over his ex before things go to far.

  • you could be a rebound or he could be dating you to get back at her or he could be dating you cause he likes you . I don't really know what is going on , only you have a really good feel for what's going on here with him


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