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If you were a housewife preparing dinner for your man, you suddenly hurt your finger with the knife and you said "ouch!" and like an arrow of fire your husband jumped from the living room to the kitchen and he took care of your little finger and sterilize it and wrapped it with a hand plast and kissed it, so what's your feelings towards his action...

  • Well I know that he loves me so much & he knows that I will do the same for him & even more...
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  • He doesn't have to do it cause I can take care of myself & wrapped it by myself...
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  • I guess it's just a normal act and I don't have any feelings or thoughts towards it...
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  • Most people if they care about someone would be concerned & want to help, id think that's sweet, because even if I could do it myself its ice he cares- id do it for him too.

    • i know you can do it yourself, but it's very nice like you said to see him so much worried and will never let not a single drop of blood comes out from his lovely wife;)

    • yea well id never be a housewife but id figure the gesture was kinda eccentric but cute.. certainly wouldn't be offended, it doesn't have to be questioning competency to help & 200 years ago a woman would have been just as capable as today.. I don't know what that has to do with anything, :)

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  • That's sweet and all but I could do it myself. Now don't get me wrong I wouldn't mind having help whether my finger was gushing blood or if it was just a paper cut. It's a sweet gesture however "like an arrow of fire" having my husband jump from the living room to the kitchen to bandage up my finger is not really necessary. A little over the top if you ask me. Yeah, maybe it's just because he cares but come on, the kiss at the end.. What is this Adventure's of Superman and his Housewife? Give me a break.

  • Um, why is being a housewife relevant here? My partner would do that for me even though I'm not a "housewife".

  • it's sweet that he cares but I would think that it would be a bit excessive. I'd be more than capable of fixing it myself.

  • angry

  • You're always going on about housewives! It's weird.

    Regardless of what I did, I think I'd be happy that he did that but maybe kissing it is a bit unnecessary. I can do it myself after all. However, I think I would be grateful, especially if I was stressed or something.

    • he kiss it, to make it heal..a magical kiss after he wrapped it up...:)

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    • Maybe 200 years a go but I can put on my own plaster and a simple hug would be fine. I am not a baby.

    • well I have nothing to say anymore to you...good luck!

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