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What is friends with benefits deal?

I met this guy online and we decided to be friends with benefits. We would text all day and talk on the phone every night and he would make comments about keeping me around and whatnot, even get jealous if I mentioned ither guys. We hung out 2 timesone grabbing dinner and two going to a movie... with lots of cuddling and intimacy rather than just sex. None of the communication changed until after the 3rd time.

The 3rdx, Because of all the intimacy in a friends with benefits agreement, I mentioned something about still being friends with benefits and he said "i guess as long as we're on same page" and acted weird the rest of the evening.

For the next 2 weeks after that, we hardly texted but a few times and they were insignificant conversations. I invited him over one week and he couldn't so I tried again the next week and he agreed saying he wanted to see me.

I went over, he acted like nothing was wrong... Cuddling, kissing, holding hands even right in front of his friends. After sex, I asked him why he had been so distant he replied with "I don't see why we need to talk everyday when we are just going to be fwb". He mentioned texting another girl too. I said okay then.
The rest of the night we cuddled and he asked me to stay the night, cuddling all night.
Now, 4 days later, I have only received one message from him (insignificant).

Should I just let him come to me, let it go completely, or message him asking what's going on? I'm so confused as to why there was so much communication before and hardly none now unless he caught feelings or just isn't interested.
What is friends with benefits deal?
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