Why are black men such man-babies?

I'm a 29 year old black woman. I feel like it's time for me to settle up and start a family, and I would love to do so with a beautiful black man.. however. All the black men I meet, they always end up being nothing, but huge manbabies that have no idea how to treat a woman, yet alone raise a family. Career-wise, they're always on the bottom. No, don't come up with that "because society doesn't allow black people" bullshit. I'm 100% black, female and I have a good career which brings me enough money to pay my rent, have a car and have some left for myself as well.

I have always earned more than my boyfriends. Some didn't even come close. And before you call me a goldigger, let me tell you something. I don't want a rich guy to take care of me and buy me stuff. All I want is a man with a stable job such as mine, so we can actually, equally as adults settle together and one day raise our children. But nawh.

I'm not saying all black men are like that, of course there are some very ambitious, successful black men out there, but guess what? They're dating white women! Because apparently, once a black man becomes successful, he starts to believe that he's too good for us and goes for the white woman, whom he views as a trophy.

Also, I know somebody's gonna ask "why don't you just date white guys instead". See, I would. If I was a white woman, of course I would, I would have nothing to worry about. But as a black woman, white men have always fetishized me, one fucker once even told me straight to my face that we would date me, but would never want to have interracial children with me. After that, I've never even considered dating a white guy.

Honestly, I know I'm probably stereotyping too much and will get a lot of hate for this post, but I seriously feel stuck, I don't know what to do really, I wish I could give up on men all together, but I'm straight and can't do anything about it... somebody... please give me an advice.
Why are black men such man-babies?
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