She has been not texting nearly as much as she did when we are dating and can't make time to hang out anymore. How do I tell what she means?

So three days before our one month anniversary my girlfriend broke up with me. Saying she felt bad she could not give herself fully to the relationship like I was. I told her it was OK and I did not mind because we always got along and loved hanging out together. She still broke up with me. She said that there was hope for us in the future once she figures out how to give herself to the relationship. I can't figure out why she broke up with me because everything was going great. I am just looking for answers. I have been told by my friends that she is too nice to break up with me in a harsh way and they say she was just saying that we might get together in the future so it would be easier on me. When I asked her what she meant by it, she said that she meant we would get together after all of this. She has been not texting nearly as much as she did when we are dating and can't make time to hang out anymore. I am really confused and am looking for advise. If you have any advice please let me know.


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  • toulouse is right, she probably doesn't want to be with you in the future. But I do think she is too sweet to tell you flat out that she doesn't like you in the same way anymore. Call it cowardice, call it too nice, whatever it is, she doesn't like you anymore unfortunately.

    My advice to you is to not text her, try not to think about her or look at her facebook. If she really does want you in the future than she will contact you.

  • bullsh*t. its not her being nice, she's being a coward & there was nothing cool about how she did it,. obviously if she wanted to be in a relationship she would. if YOU are OK with what she gives then SHE shouldn't have a problem with it.. unless she wants out. What she should have said for your peace of mind is, she feels to overwhelmed to be in a relationship right now- its nothing you are doing wrong, its just her deal, You asking her what she means & her being evasive is not nice, she's being a wuss. You at least deserves an answer..


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