How to not be needy when calling people?

when ever I get a girls number it seems often that we

end up playing phone tag. I have a situation where the

me and the girl have spoken before, but we have never been

hung out. the last time I text her she didn't reply so now I'm

trying to figure out when is the next time to call her without

being needy. when should I call her. what are the

general rules of spacing out your phone calls in order

to not be needy.


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  • Call her when you're doing something like grocery shopping, about to walk into the gym, or when you're on break during work/school. It comes off as being very non-needy when you call during a time like that. Also always be the first one to end the call by saying anything like "Ok, well I gotta get back to (w/e) is it."

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