Is it really a diamond necklace?

I dated a guy back when I was 15. About 5 months into the relationship, he gave me what he said was a diamond necklace.

Was he lying, or do you think it really was diamonds?

It was kind of small, so he probably could have been able to afford it if he really wanted to buy it. But he would use it as sort of a guilt trip thing at times when we fought. We did take the relationship quite fast, and he was completely in love with me(if you could be in love at that age, idk) so yeah. And then I dumped him at the 10 month mark and he literally refused to take the necklace back...(if that even has to do with anything)

So, guys, did he say it was diamonds just to play me? Or was it for real? Is there any way I can truly find out if it's real or not? Thanks( sry ik this is kinda a dumb question :/ )


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  • It really doesn't matter if you know the necklace was real or fake. His intentions on giving you the necklace was to show you how much you meant to him. It's not about how much money he has, but his appreciation for you. He would bring it up when you two fought probably because he saw the necklace as a symbol for the love that you two shared. The reason as to why he didn't want the necklace back is most likely because he didn't want to be reminded of you. It's tough enough already for him to be dumped by you, the necklace would only remind him more of the hurt he felt.

    • I guess..but if he lied about it, wouldn't that make his intentions bad?

    • Not necessarily. I would think that he was trying to impress you by telling you it's a diamond necklace. Nevertheless, he had good intentions.

    • Oh I didn't think about it like that. Thank you

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